Dial Indicator Bore Gage Aluminum Alloy

  • ACCURATE: With an excellent guiding bridge, self-centering is accurate and reliable.
  • MEASURE RANGE: High accuracy, the measuring range is 50-160mm, Accuracy 0.01MM(0.0003″).
  • USED IN: The gauge is suitable for comparative measurement of the inner diameter of the workpiece, machining measurement.
  • USE WAY: The measuring head has an active probe at one end and an interchangeable probe that is changed according to the measured aperture.
  • MATERIAL: The gauge is made of aluminum alloy material, durable and long service life.



Item Type: Internal Diameter Gauge
Measuring Range: 50-160mm
Accuracy: 0.01mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Size: 50-160mm
Measuring Range: 50-160mm

Package List:

1 X Internal Diameter Gauge with Handle
1 X Guard Bridge (55mm)
12 X Side Head (No.12:105mm) (No.11.:100mm) (No.10:95mm) (No.9:90mm) (No.8:85mm) (No.7 80mm) (No.6 :75mm) (No.5:70mm) (No.4:65mm) (No.3:60mm) (No.2:55mm) (No.1:50mm)4 X Interchangeable Side Head (3 2 1 0.5)
1 Pack Installation Internal Diameter Gauge Accessories
1 X Plastic Box (the color of box is random which has black and blue)

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